Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the phantom betrayal

The phantom betrayal. Something quite hilarious (to me) happened on one of my morning commutes to work that will shed light on what a weird little brain I have. For months I would see this nondescript girl on the train. Without fail, every time I boarded the train, late or not, she'd board at the next stop.

A couple of weeks passed and I had not seen her. As I wasn't interested in her in any way I didn't really think much of it. To be quite honest, I had forgotten she even existed; she was wiped clean from the memory banks.

One morning, I noticed her running to stop the guillotine like doors of the New York City subways at the expense of a limb. She made it, extremities intact, I saw her, and instantly began to wonder why she was not at her regular stop. Mind you these thoughts all happened in a nano second while watching her trot to the train.

A second later I see a young man run behind her and in the unmistakable routine pulled by every couple/pair/frenemies/acquaintances she walked and turn around to face him as he caught up. This. This was her new boyfriend. I watched them as he leaned up against the door and she delicately held on to him instead of the provided safety poles strewn throughout the car.

I was livid. My eyes became all squinty in the fashion of someone noticing their sworn enemy from across the room. Had I a sword, I probably would have unsheathed it halfway, letting the light of the day glint off the shiny steel, as if to indicate an invitation to a fight to the death. I glared and cringed. I grit my teeth and angrily sighed. I was heartbroken. I was duped. I was betrayed! In my mind she was MY morning companion and no one else's despite never uttering a word to her. Her obvious act of war and outright show-offery infuriated me. I didn't want her but I guess I wanted no one else to have her either. She was mine. We rode close by in complete silence and once off the train walked in the same direction to work. She had left me for another!

I'm clearly insane so I got over it as quickly as I had erupted and never gave it a second thought until I decided to pen this and share it with you lot. I'm happy for her. She's not that cute and her gentleman caller was of the attractive set. Good for her.

The moral of this story is I'm a very jealous person without regard as to whether it's justified or not. Some times there's no room for logic and reason when ideas like that bounce around my noggin. I like that.



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whitelotus said...

logic is a lymrik. magik.

no room no room, no room in my bed
iyouwe is iyouwe we are alike.

yours and hers was made so by yours through hers
we see and satiate our seeing with thinking.

reason is a precipice, fame is a fallacy

i like that too